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Building an Inclusive Workplace

Creating a great workplace in today’s era requires being aware of many different types of people. The reason is that talented people come from all kinds of backgrounds. For a workplace to be inclusive, it must provide an environment that welcomes employees of multiple backgrounds and viewpoints.

Here are a few ways to create an inclusive workplace culture:

Create Safe Spaces

Diverse workplaces require spaces for everyone, including those who may identify differently than others. Dedicated areas where people feel safe can help foster an inclusive culture. It can help to name or label the space with messaging that supports a diverse culture.

Use Inclusive Language

Words and language choice matter and will definitely contribute to a feeling of inclusivity. Wherever possible, ensure that language across all communication channels reflects the organization’s beliefs about diversity.

Be Open to Employee Feedback

The idea of inclusion is all about perception, so being open to hearing about people’s experiences in the workplace is essential. Regularly gather feedback from team members about how they feel diversity efforts are going in the workplace.

Celebrate Different Types of Holidays and Events

Not everyone celebrates the same holidays. Employers can build a more inclusive workplace by acknowledging different types of holidays.

Provide Diversity Training for Everyone

Understanding diversity does not necessarily come naturally to all people. In some cases, training may be required to increase empathy.

Create a Diversity Training Group

Maintaining any changes may necessitate having a dedicated group responsible for ensuring that diversity initiatives remain on track.

Put a Cultural Safety Framework in Place

Recognizing and striving to address inherent power imbalances is based on respectful engagement. A workplace should be an environment free of racism and discrimination where people can feel safe.

Create a Non-Discrimination Policy

Having formal policies in place can help to have a rule book that you can consult in the event of discrimination.

Establish Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

ERGs can bring diversity training to life as peers can train each other and ensure everyone maintains an environment that welcomes diversity.

Build Mentorship Programs

All types of employees can benefit from mentorship around key topics, and diversity is no exception.

Your Workplace Should Welcome Everyone

There are many ways to build a diverse workplace. Creating a work culture where everyone feels valued leads to a vibrant and friendly place to work—something everyone wants


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