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Since time immemorial, the Gitga'at First Nation has been preserving its culture and language and practicing resource management according to traditional ways. Our stories, or Adaawx, serve as reminders of Gitga'at cultural heritage and responsibilities to the community and territory, including its land and marine resources.

Gitga'at Nation

Driven by Tradition and Opportunity, We Grow Together

Investors and prospective joint venture partners work with the Gitga'at Development Corporation to move projects forward. We provide guidance on maximizing the impact of your project on the community as well as ensuring it fits with our criteria for sustainability.

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Collaborating With Partners to Help the Community

Gitga'at Development Corporation CEO Joe Bevan is a member of the Kitselas First Nation and has spent many years working in financial management and leadership roles for First Nations. He brings a rich set of skills, experience, and relationships to the table as the leader of GDC.   


Delivering Projects That Benefit All Stakeholders Including the Community

Chief Bruce Reece leads the GDC Board of Directors, a group comprised of both Gitga'at members and non-members with complementary skills, expertise, and knowledge.

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Moving Forward Together, One Project at a Time

The Gitga'at Nation is committed to the health and preservation of its land and waters. The abundance of natural resources in Gitga'at territory is closely tied to the wellbeing of its people. As stewards of their territory, the community continues to protect its resources using a combination of ancient ways and modern methods backed by science. Gitga'at culture and traditional practices play a vital role in shaping the daily lives of its members, and Gitga'at cultural expression continues to strengthen even in this fast-paced, technology-driven world.

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Sustainable Resource Harvesting for Economic Growth

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