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The Gitga’at Development Corporation (GDC) is the economic development arm of the Gitga’at First Nation. GDC is responsible for building economic opportunity from the ground up, including initiatives in the local community and beyond in Northern BC.

Paving the Way for

Multi-Generational Prosperity

Mission, Vision, and Values of the Gitga'at Development Corporation


To create multi-generational prosperity for the Gitga'at people through values-based economic development that supports and values the health and security of the Nation's people, culture, food, land, and waters.


Working with like-minded partners, the GDC builds sustainable business ventures and employment opportunities for Gitga'at people. These actions maintain, enhance, and celebrate the pride of the Gitga'at First Nation.


Below is a list detailing the values that GFN people, Hereditary leaders, the Chief and Council, and the GDC Board of Directors identified as being necessary to uphold.

Our Business is Prosperity and its Benefit to the Gitga'at First Nation

GDC Prosperity • GFN Member Employment • Benefit to the Nation

As noted above, the key themes from the Community Survey were promoting GFN culture and language, providing education and training opportunities for GFN members, and ensuring that GDC pursues business while actively protecting the environment and GFN's traditional territory. GDC's goal is to support the GFN with these key values through their business activities; however, the responsibility of delivering on them rests with the Gitga'at First Nation.


GFN leadership shares the key values of their community members while also envisioning GDC as an economically prosperous development corporation that supports employment opportunities for GFN members and benefits the Nation. These key themes were instrumental in GDC's development of a Vision, Mission, Values, Principles, and Strategic direction. The subsections below elaborate on these aspects of the Strategic Plan.

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