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Community-Driven Business Enterprises

Creating Opportunity, Today and in the Future

The growing number of businesses in the GDC portfolio symbolizes the Nation's increasing strength in economic development. The Gitga'at have a business presence in various industries, including forestry, marine services, real estate, and consumer services (laundry). Our partners have businesses in several industrial sectors ranging from civil, mechanical, and electrical construction to environmental monitoring. 

hartley bay gas station

Hartley Bay Gas Station

Under the umbrella of Gitga'at Marine Services LP, The Hartley Bay Fuel Station focuses on the needs of both local and visiting vessels, providing moorage, refueling, and electricity hookups. Located near the Douglas Channel, a steady stream of vessels ensures that this waterfront business stays busy. 


Rinse Rupert Landromat

Located at 217 – 6th Street (between Third and Second Avenues West), Rinse Rupert offers state-of-the-art washers and dryers and a convenient laundry drop-off service for busy people with more laundry than time. 

prince rupert building

Prince Rupert Building

This 10,000 sq. ft. commercial building is located at 632 3rd Avenue West in Prince Rupert. The facility includes offices for both Gitga'at and GDC and is also home to Lee and Ann's Restaurant, a laundry service, and 5,000 square feet of office space for meetings, training, and more.

gitga'at transporter

Gitga'at Transporter

The Gitga'at Transporter is a 55-foot marine vessel that handles heavy-duty cargo going to or from Hartley Bay. The boat features a 12-foot wide retractable ramp to make the loading and unloading various types of freight and equipment as smooth as possible.   

Although GDC's portfolio of businesses spans various industrial sectors, the goal remains to foster economic growth while empowering the community. Finding meaningful employment and building careers is a key driver of economic expansion, and GDC is open to hearing about proposals for projects that fit our sustainability criteria. 

Contact our leadership team today if you have a project or proposal that would be a good fit for GDC and the Gitga'at community.

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