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The Gitga'at Development Corporation is interested in partnering with leading companies at the top of their industry that want to pursue sustainable economic growth and resource harvesting. 

Our Services

Providing, Land, Waters, Workers & Project Consulting

Whether a prospective partner wants to pursue an initiative within Gitga'at territory or nearby, we can provide various project management and consultation services. These services help ensure that any projects align with our requirements for environmental sustainability.

GDC aims to use the regional advantages of The Nation's location and natural and human resources to enable economic growth that benefits the community. These initiatives often require investment from partners who share our values, and GDC actively builds long-term business relationships with these types of partners, investors, and organizations.   

Specifically, GDC helps move projects forward by: 

  • Acting as an industry advocate and liaison

  • Connecting businesses and building relationships

  • Targeting opportunities for business development

  • Assisting partners in navigating the environmental requirements to ensure projects are compliant with all applicable laws and rules within the Nation's territory

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