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Hartley Bay inlet with houses and boats

The Gitga'at Nation, whose name means "People of the Cane," are members of the Tsimshian Nation group. Based in Txalgiuw (Hartley Bay), the community has existed for millennia. Gitga'at resource management practices have always emphasized sustainability—ensuring that the needs of all beings, both present, and future, are considered when making decisions. 

Our Community

Preserving Lands, Waters, and Traditions

The traditional territory of the Gitga'at Nation spans from the lands and waters of Txalgiuw (Hartley Bay) south to Ky'el and north to Prince Rupert. The Nation's territory includes the mainland and coastal islands of the lower Douglas Channel, Whale Channel, Wright Sound, and Lewis Pass to Caamano Sound on BC's North and Central Coast.

Pursuing economic growth requires resources, capital, and know-how. The Gitga'at Nation is fortunate to have abundant human and natural resources. With its proximity to an array of trade and economic opportunities, The Gitga'at Nation can offer the following: Location, Land, Waters, and Workforce.

Aerial of Hartley Bay


Located close to some of the largest infrastructure projects in Northern BC, The Gitga'at Nation is well-positioned for trade and employment opportunities. 

Wooden bridge walking path


With ample timber resources, The Gitga'at Development Corporation has created successful joint ventures in the forestry sector. The Nation is open to other partnerships relating to land-based resources.

Orca tail coming out of water


Close to Prince Rupert's international trade port and Kitimat, Gitga'at territory is part of significant marine transport routes. 

Worker with hard hat pulling chains off machine


With many members living across BC, they have had the chance to build careers as skilled tradespeople and professionals. The Gitga'at Nation has a deep pool of labour resources interested in employment through its joint venture partners and wholly-owned businesses.

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