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The Gitga'at Economy

Significant industries in Northern BC include forestry, mining, transport, fishing, environmental management, and technology. GFN's participation in these industries is enabled via joint venture partners who provide expertise and employment opportunities for members. Projects are selected based on their potential impact on the community.

Economic Development Goals

The Nation's economic development objectives are as follows:

  • Preserve, protect, and promote Gitga'at culture and values

  • Protect and preserve access to traditional foods

  • Improve and enhance the self-sufficiency of the home community

  • Enhance Gitga'at cooperation, collaboration and pride

  • Create job and employment opportunities

  • Support skill and capacity development

  • Raise the profile of the community

The goals above influence which industries and projects that GDC pursues. Each initiative must be a good match for GFN values.

Resources Driving the Economy

The GFN economy is built on a solid foundation of sustainable natural resources. The Nation's territory, including its lands and waters, can support traditional cultural practices and economic growth—as long as the appropriate environmental protections are in place. There is an abundance of natural resources found on traditional Gitga'at territory.

Identified and prioritized by the Gitga'at people, here are a few of the projects and people that are currently driving the economy in terms of resources:


  • Gabion River Hydroelectric Project


  • GOLD program

  • Watchmen

  • Marina & Fuels

  • Tourism

  • Fisheries (Coastal National Fisheries)

  • Seafood (fish including halibut and salmon, shellfish, and niche products such as urchins)


  • Commercial development, including the Rinse Rupert laundry facility and Gitga'at offices in Prince Rupert

  • Forestry (Probyn joint venture)


  • Workers for joint venture and infrastructure projects

  • Entrepreneurs to start, run, and grow businesses

  • Staff to build training programs and capacity

Identifying and Pursuing Opportunities

The Gitga'at Development Corporation is dedicated to identifying sustainable economic development opportunities that have the potential to bring prosperity to the community, including meaningful jobs.

Guided by cultural and environmental values, GDC aims to maximize the resources available to the Nation while minimizing the impact on GFN lands, waters, and skies. Every proposal is subject to strict review to ensure it meets the Nation's high environmental standards.

The abundant natural resources in Gitga'at territory will continue to play a role in the Nation's development. With the right protections in place and respect for traditional cultural values, economic growth can create prosperity for countless generations of GFN members in Hartley Bay and beyond.


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