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The Great Bear Rainforest

As one of the last few large temperate rainforests remaining on Earth, the Great Bear Rainforest is stunningly beautiful. Trees tower overhead, ferns and moss blanket the forest floor, and countless birds, insects, fish, and other animals depend on the rainforest ecosystem to thrive.

Teeming with Life

The Great Bear Rainforest is significant globally in terms of flora and fauna. The large and small valley bottoms contain more biomass than any other ecosystem on land. Up to 20 percent of the world's salmon are born in and return to this rainforest's rivers, creeks, and streams to complete their life cycle.

Environments such as forests, ocean estuaries, inlets, and islands contain staggering biological diversity, with animals including grizzly and black bears, white kermode bears (spirit bears), wolves, millions of migratory birds, and innumerable plant species including trees towering overhead, some of which may be 1,000 years old.

Supporting Rich Cultures

The region in and around the Great Bear Rainforest has supported humans and enabled First Nations cultures, such as the Gitga'at, to flourish. Providing more than enough resources for food, clothing, tools, and more, the rainforest and marine environments have shaped First Nations societies, including their management practices.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability has always played a key role in how First Nations have managed the abundant natural resources in the Great Bear Rainforest. Knowledge of seasonal cycles for plants and animals guides harvesting practices, enabling communities to flourish.

Recently, some populations have been under pressure due to various factors, including habitat loss, climate change, etc. That's why ensuring sustainable tourism practices are so important.


The Great Bear Rainforest is a photographer's dream. Visitors can enjoy spirit bear tours; some may be lucky to glimpse this elusive creature. Even if the white bears are not spotted, touring is a great way to see the area and learn more from local guides.

Travellers can choose various tour types, including boat tours, walking tours, and more. With abundant plant and animal life, there is a good chance of spotting some of BC's most beautiful animals on land and in the water. Protecting these inhabitants and their environment is essential and guides all economic development.

Working Together to Ensure the Great Bear Rainforest’s Future

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of Gitga'at management practices. As economic growth continues to introduce new types of activity in the Great Bear Rainforest, all projects and practices will have to meet or exceed high standards for environmental protection.

After all, the Great Bear Rainforest is a global treasure that we must preserve.


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