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Business Book Feature

Business Book Feature: "The Canadian Business Owner's Guide to Reconciliation: Best Practices for Indigenous Inclusion"

Ever wonder how reconciliation applies to your business or how your organization can be a part of reconciliation? Economic development is a part of moving forward together and doing business is crucial in generating prosperity.

Learning more about how to do business with First Nations can help settlers make reconciliation a part of their daily awareness and activities—and there’s a book for that.

About The Author

Alison Tedford Seaweed is a former public servant turned business consultant with over a decade of experience in culturally sensitive policy analysis, cross-cultural communication, and education on social issues. As an advocate for health, mental health, and Indigenous issues, she has written many articles for media outlets, including the CBC, Al Jazeera, and Today's Parent.

In "​​The Canadian Business Owner's Guide to Reconciliation," Tedford Seaweed aims to educate the public about First Nations inclusion.

What You Will Learn

Tedford Seaweed has years of experience in culturally sensitive policy analysis, cross-cultural communication, and education on social issues. Her book contains many ideas for making a positive difference in how Canadians and First Nations do business while supporting a cultural shift in the country over time.

This book provides an overview of settler and First Nations relations in Canada and how they evolved. The goal is to help readers understand how to be considerate about how things are done, creating a better community for all.

Tedford Seaweed delves into our nation's complicated history and tells its story through research and interviews. In conversations with academics, business owners, Indigenous relations advisors, and others, she discovered practical ways for settlers and First Nations to work together.

The Importance of Indigenous Inclusion in Business

She expertly makes a case for First Nations inclusion with a friendly tone, including how reconciliation can lead to a stronger foundation for businesses and personal relationships.

With over a decade in cross-cultural communication, her experience includes educating business owners and the public about the social history of First Nations people. Tedford Seaweed's track record of bridging cultures and communicating perspectives helps her articulate ways that readers can move forward in an informed way. Educating oneself is the first step toward learning to be inclusive with First Nations. Strong relationships can be built with that as a foundation that leads to progress.

Download a PDF preview or order a copy of the book here:


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