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Boating This Summer? Stop for Gas at the Gitga'at Fuel Station

When summer hits, boats take to the waters surrounding Hartley Bay. Whether it's for fishing, travelling to a traditional site for harvest, or a pleasure cruise to take in the beauty of the territory, the waters around Hartley Bay become full of activity during this season. 

Nestled amidst the coming and going of boaters is the Gitga'at Fuel Station, the community's go-to place for marine fuel and moorage services.

Perfect Location & Comprehensive Services

Strategically positioned at the junction of the Douglas Channel and Inside Passage, Gitga'at Fuel Station is a necessary pit stop for vessels traversing through the region. With a capacity to accommodate around 40 boats and fuel and moorage services provisions, the fuel station is an asset for those navigating these busy waters.

Empowering Community Through Commerce

Beyond providing gas and diesel, the Gitga'at Fuel Station contributes to the local economy. As a wholly-owned Gitga'at business, the station contributes to the financial well-being of the Gitga'at people. 

Proceeds from fuel sales and moorage fees are reinvested into community development initiatives, such as infrastructure developments or improvements, like the upgrades to the Elder's Centre at the GDC building in Prince Rupert. Of course, this is just one example; these proceeds may go to any number of initiatives, such as health and wellness, job creation and entrepreneurship, and more.

The Gitga'at Fuel Station is one way the community is gaining greater self-sufficiency and economic autonomy. By running their own businesses, the Gitga'at become more resilient.

Honouring Culture and Tradition

For the Gitga'at people, ties to the surrounding waters run deep, with fishing as a cornerstone of sustenance and culture. As modern-day boaters venture out into the waters surrounding Hartley Bay, they continue the traditions that have been integral to Gitga'at identity for generations.

Supporting Local Enterprise

As you chart your course for summer boating escapades, make a point to dock at Gitga'at Fuel Station. Not only will you find the fuel and amenities essential for your journey, but you'll also be actively contributing to the prosperity and development of the Gitga'at community by supporting local businesses.

Do you have questions about the Gitga'at Fuel Station? Contact them through the Gitga'at website.


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