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10 Steps to a Successful Career Change

Making a career change can be a stressful process. But it is manageable and will go more smoothly if you have a plan.

A great way to approach your career change is to use SMART goals for the 10 steps below, making your goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

Plenty of resources are available in the Prince Rupert area for those considering a career change. The following organizations can help you clarify your career goals, identify skill development or training opportunities, and decide which industries to enter:

  • Gitga’at Development Corporation

  • Work BC: Prince Rupert

  • Hecate Strait Employment Development Society (HSEDS)

How to Find a New Job

Here is a step-by-step plan to help you search for new employment.

Evaluate Your Current Career

Think broadly about your current job and career regarding pay, job satisfaction, company culture, co-workers, room for advancement, the opportunity to develop new skills, knowledge, location, and more.

Assess Your Interests, Skills, and Values (Be Specific)

Here are a few questions to ask in your self-assessment:

  • What are your natural talents?

  • What types of skills do people compliment you about?

  • Where are your interests the strongest?

Consider Your Specific Target Industries, Companies, or Organizations

As part of setting SMART goals, ensure your desired industry is one you could realistically enter with skills you have now or will have in the future. Write down your target industries to make this step measurable.

Want to enter the trades? Consider working for an LNG Canada contractor such as JGC Fluor.

Determine Whether You Require Skill or Knowledge Upgrades

Does your target job or career require training, skills, or tickets (such as in the trades)? If yes, schedule some time to identify and sign up for those programs in Prince Rupert or elsewhere.

Check Out Job Options

Do a preliminary check of jobs posted in your desired industry or at your target company. The GDC website publishes new career opportunities often from partners such as JGC Fluor, so check those out.

Establish Contacts in Your Desired Industries and Companies

Resource centres such as WorkBC and HSEDS can be a big help. Make sure to mention you self-identify as a Gitga’at member, as this admission may help your application stand out.

Job Shadowing

You can set this up yourself or through a contact at WorkBC, HSEDS, or a Gitga’at joint venture partner.

Upgrade Your Resume and Cover Letter

Schedule time in your calendar to make updates and enhance your resume. Reach out to others for help if necessary.

Practice Interviewing

Improving your skills is a great thing to do at any time.

Reach Out to Potential Employers and Be Prepared to Follow Up

Achieving a career change is certainly possible, but it requires work. Keep track of jobs, and interview follow-ups in your calendar.

Change Can Be Difficult, But It’s Not Impossible

When making a career change, don’t leave it to chance. Surround yourself with the right people, set deadlines in your calendar, and be specific about what you need to do at each step. By setting SMART goals, you’ll be well on your way to building a great career in Hartley Bay, Prince Rupert, or beyond.


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