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More Than Just Trades: Jobs in the Energy Sector

The energy sector is a major employer in BC. Although labour or trades-based jobs make up a large chunk of employment, other types of skilled and talented workers are required.

Other types of jobs may be available for large-scale energy projects in BC. Here are some options to consider if you want to work in the energy sector.

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)

HSE officers focus on regulations and enforcement and ensure that all teams and workers follow safety protocols. Common tasks may include inspecting personal protective equipment (PPE) such as reflective vests, hardhats, and harnesses. Additionally, they are responsible for compliance with environmental protection requirements.

LNG Canada also hires paramedics; these individuals typically have extensive first-aid training tailored to an industrial setting.

Logistics & Coordination

Large-scale energy projects are large and complex, with many moving parts. Construction timelines depend on the accurate and efficient delivery of materials, which requires a lot of coordination behind the scenes. Logistics can include shipping, receiving, scheduling, transport, and more. Additionally, transport and accommodation arrangements apply to some employees. Camp and travel coordinators are the professionals who ensure accurate scheduling and adequate rooms for workers.

Customer Service

In some cases, customer service professionals handle transportation, baggage and accommodation details on behalf of workers. Using airline reservation portals may be a requirement for the job, depending on the type of position.

Quality Control (QC)

Nothing can be left to chance when it comes to large energy projects. Quality control professionals are in charge of inspecting various infrastructure elements to ensure they are up to standard.

Other Non-Trades Jobs

Camps for projects such as LNG Canada require all types of workers. Everything from cooks and dishwashers to snow removal workers. You don’t need a trade or ticket to apply, and sometimes, a high school diploma may not be required.

Opportunities Await

There are many avenues for employment in energy sector projects, such as LNG Canada. Managers are eager to hire First Nations workers who are motivated and hard-working.

You require a polished resume and cover letter to get your foot in the door. Now is a great time to apply for a good job on a well-funded project.

GDC regularly updates our career opportunities page with postings in the energy sector and other industries. Make sure to visit this page often to find your next job.


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