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Pros and Cons of Working Outside of the Community

Pursuing a job elsewhere may be the right fit for members interested in advancement, more pay, and adventure.

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Working away from home can be tough, but it can also be worth it. A job elsewhere can bring benefits that offset the hardships of being away. Before you disregard a posting for a job that’s out of town, here are some factors worth considering.

Pros: Advantages of Working Away From Home

A job in another city, town, or remote area can provide advancement opportunities. By taking on more responsibility in a different position, workers may be eligible for higher pay. Being open to improving skills or knowledge on the job is also a good idea for those interested in moving up the career ladder.

A career elsewhere doesn't have to be a permanent change. It may only be a temporary role that lasts a few months, offering you new experiences, skills, and a higher wage to take to your next position.

Not everyone is willing to leave home for work, which opens the door for others with more flexibility in terms of location. Additionally, jobs may open up opportunities for recreation after work, as long as the hours aren't too long.

Cons: Disadvantages of Working Elsewhere

Accepting employment in another area means the worker will be away from home. This type of work often decreases their time with their family and in the community. It may also reduce the time available for leisure and hobbies depending on the job's location.

If the job requires a permanent move, that is a different situation than a camp job where the worker goes home regularly.

Factors to Consider

When contemplating a job change, you should weigh the following factors in the decision to take a job elsewhere:

  • Family

  • Opportunity

  • Longevity of job

Those who move to a new community for work may have to sell and buy a home, making a more permanent job a necessity. Although no job is guaranteed, some reassurance about the stability of the position can help sway a decision to move for work.


Working away from home can impact one's sense of contentment. Workers have to consider work within the bigger picture of:

  • Family life

  • Recreation

  • Hobbies

  • Overall well-being

Is Working Away From Home Right for You?

Accepting a job elsewhere, although not risk-free, can be an adventurous leap toward exciting new opportunities. Those who make the move may find they are richly rewarded.


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