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LNG Careers and FAQs

The LNG Canada Project is a liquefied natural gas export facility currently under construction in Kitimat, BC. What opportunities does this project provide for Gitga’at First Nation’s local workers?

Employment Opportunities through LNG Canada

Before breaking ground on the new facility, LNG Canada made commitments to use local contractors to contribute to the economic development and success of GFN.

In the years since the project was announced, LNG Canada has made good on their effort to hire members and local workers to enhance economic growth. For example, the recent announcement of the contract between Gitga’at Waiward Industrial and LNG Canada—a long-term maintenance and site services commitment regarding the new facility.

An Ongoing Need for Workers of All Skill Sets

The LNG Canada Project is a massive undertaking. As the project grows, so do opportunities for members and other local workers. New job postings come up frequently, and members are advised to check the career listings often.

The Project employs union and non-union tradespeople across practically every skill imaginable, including general labourers, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, plumbers, electricians, warehouse workers, welders, painters, and more.

Opportunities are not limited to those in the trades. There are many positions available for other professionals. For example, health and safety officers, quality assurance and quality control specialists, administrators, coordinators, and planners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I find job postings for LNG Canada?

GDC posts LNG Canada job listings (and listings for GDC, GFN, and other partners) on the GDC website. These jobs are also updated on the JDC Fluor website, but please note this page also posts jobs for sub-contractors of the joint venture.

Q. If I’m not in Kitimat, can I still apply for job postings?

You can always apply for job postings you see online, but ensure you have secured a position before travelling to Kitimat. LNG Canada is currently not hiring on the spot.

For those who do not live in Kitimat or Terrace, the typical work rotation is 14 days on, seven off, and each shift is approximately 10 hours. Of course, these rotations may vary depending on the job.

Q. How do I apply for these jobs?

In general, applications for positions through JDC Fluor and their sub-contractors must be submitted online through the link provided in the job posting.

Q. Do I need to mention that I am a GFN member?

Applicants are strongly encouraged to self-identify as a Gitga’at member on their resume/cover letter, allowing them to be noticed during the application process where qualified. This part of the hiring process is meant to help members turn jobs into careers.

LNG Canada is Hiring

Keep returning to the GDC website to find out the latest opportunities in the LNG Canada Project. Good luck in your job search!


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