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What is Work Readiness?

It’s never too late to invest in yourself with education and training to gain meaningful employment.

Prepare Yourself for the Workforce

Whether you call it career readiness, work readiness, or being ready for employment, they all refer to preparing yourself to enter the workforce or transition to a different career.

Being ready for employment takes effort, as it may involve furthering your education, learning new skills, and creating a step-by-step career path. Putting in the work to advance your knowledge and training shows future employers that you value development.

Benefits of Work Readiness

Additional skills and training may help your resume stand out, but work readiness has additional advantages.

  • It helps you find a fulfilling career in a field that interests you.

  • You develop foundational skills that equip you for success in and outside the workplace.

  • You gain more confidence in your abilities.

Five Tips to Help with Work Readiness

If you are serious about advancing your career, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Start early and give yourself time to broaden your skills and knowledge.

  2. Commit to learning, and address any skill gaps that create obstacles to achieving your career goals.

  3. Develop and set goals for yourself.

  4. Work with others to learn better communication, teamwork, leadership, and compromise.

  5. Develop your technical skills to become more efficient in industry-standard programs.

Available Education & Training to Members

Some members may find it easy to define a career path, while others need assistance. Many education and training opportunities are available through the City of Prince Rupert.

The City provides a directory of community resources that members can use to connect with programs and organizations that can help them achieve the education and training they want or need to further their careers.

Some examples of the help available include:

  • Adult upgrading and graduation programs

  • School district information

  • Educational advising and financial aid

  • Employment development and placement organizations

  • Essential skills development

  • Workforce training and continuing studies

  • And more

The directory provides contact information and links to relevant websites, so members can access the services and organizations they need to move their careers forward.

Build Out Your Skills Now

Some skills take time to develop. Whether you plan to start a new career in the near future or later, adding to your skill set through training and education always provides value.

Visit the City of Prince Rupert’s website to learn more about programs that can help you reach your career goals.


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