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Summer Job Opportunities for Youth

When school is out, summer is an excellent time for youth in Hartley Bay to explore job opportunities and gain valuable work experience. 

Working part-time or full-time provides extra money, helps you save for future goals, and allows you to try something new for a couple of months.  

Why Get a Summer Job?

The extra money is great, but a summer job is also a chance to learn new skills, meet people, and build your resume. Working during the summer can teach you time management, responsibility, and teamwork—valuable skills that can help you in school and future careers.

Where to Look for Summer Jobs

There are a few places and ways you can start your search for a summer job.

  • Local businesses: Check out local shops, restaurants, and services in Hartley Bay. Many businesses need extra help during the summer and might be looking for seasonal workers.

  • Social media: Many groups and businesses post job openings to their feed or stories. This can be an excellent way to find opportunities with businesses you already like and follow. 

  • Online job boards: Websites like Indeed, WorkBC, and others can be good resources for finding job postings. Make sure to specify the town or city you want to work so you only see local opportunities. 

  • Networking: Talk to family, friends, and neighbours. Sometimes, the best opportunities come from people you know (or people they know).

Job Ideas for the Summer

Trying to narrow down where you want to work, and the experience you want to get may feel overwhelming. To help you figure out the right summer job for you, here are some types of places you may choose to apply:

  • Retail and customer service: Stores often need extra help, especially during tourist season. These may include grocery stores, laundromats, clothing stores, call centres, etc.

  • Outdoor jobs: If you enjoy nature, consider working with nearby parks, camps, fishing charters, tree planting groups, or local tours.

  • Hospitality: Restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels usually need summer staff.

  • Community Services: Look for opportunities with community centers or summer programs for kids.

Hecate Strait Employment Development Society:

The Hecate Strait Employment Development Society is a helpful resource for finding a job and gaining skills. It offers support and training for job seekers, including Hartley Bay youth. 

The society provides workshops on resume writing, interview skills, and job search strategies. They also have connections with local employers and can help match you with the right job. Utilizing these resources can give you an advantage in your job hunt.

Building Experience and Skills

Many employers will train you on the job, but some require you to have specific experience or skills before they will hire you. Here are some ways to build your resume: 

  • Volunteering can provide experience and show potential employers that you’re motivated and community-minded.

  • Websites like Coursera or Khan Academy offer free online courses to help you build new skills.

  • Some businesses offer short-term positions, like internships or apprenticeships, that provide hands-on experience.

Where are You Working this Summer?

Summer jobs are a fantastic way to gain experience, build skills, and earn money. By exploring local opportunities and leaning on available resources, you can find a great summer job. 

Good luck with your job search!


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