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The Economic Development Toolkit

Economic development is considered a priority area for many First Nations. However, communities need the knowledge, skills, and personnel to capitalize on the resources within their territory using sustainable management practices. 

Nations needed a solution to translate economic development knowledge into a practical toolkit. They needed something economic development leaders and practitioners could use in any situation. Enter the Black Book Series from the BC Association of First Nations (BCAFN).  

The Black Book — for Economic Development

The BCAFN has created an economic development guide. Designed to be a practical manual, the BCAFN Economic Development Toolkit Black Book Series provides the strategies, tactics, tools, templates, and information resources a First Nation needs to pursue economic growth from the ground up. 

The series can aid a Nation's planning, growth, and development efforts regardless of their stage in the economic development journey. To make it easier to understand how to use it, think of it as a blueprint for successful economic growth. 

Designing an Economic Development Program

This series of Black Books is an important part of the BCAFN's broader strategy of sustainable economic development. Providing a fresh approach, these innovative resources help First Nations design an economic development program around their unique needs, goals, and circumstances.

From Fundamentals to Planning and Beyond

Today, the Black Books will help each Nation understand the fundamentals of economic development, including best practices that can be used in planning and on the ground.

Structured into four parts, the Black Books series is an invaluable resource for leaders, practitioners and community members.

Support for the development of the BCAFN Black Books series has been provided by the Government of British Columbia, the Government of Canada, and the New Relationship Trust.

A Template For Success

Revitalizing each Nation's economies and enterprises is within reach. The creation of the Black Book series of resources comes at an important time, given each Nation's challenges. 

Who is the Black Book Series For? 

The BCAFN Black Book Series is designed for First Nations Chiefs, councillors, leaders, and economic development professionals. The purpose is to unite all these groups under a single 'playbook' that turns economic development into a series of attainable steps. 

The BCAFN works with First Nations to provide them with the tools and information they need to build successful, sustainable plans for economic development. 

Anyone interested in economic development best practices is encouraged to read the BCAFN Black Book Series here: 


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