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What is GDC? What We Do

How does the Gitga'at First Nation grow and improve the local economy? The Gitga'at Development Corporation (GDC) is the answer. The Nation's economic arm is critical to finding ways to strengthen the community through growth, infrastructure, and more. 

But what exactly is GDC, and what does it do?

What is GDC?

GDC is the engine—the driving force—of GFN's economy. It's an organization dedicated to finding the right opportunities for the community and pairing them with economic strategies that benefit the Nation. By partnering with various entities (joint venture partnerships), GDC aims to help bolster the local economy, boost wealth creation, and contribute to self-determination.

Economic Development Explained

Economic development revolves around how money circulates within a community. Local businesses generate income by selling goods and services. These businesses create employment and encourage local spending.

This cycle of economic activity benefits the Nation by keeping more money in the community, which helps attract external investment. Investors pay attention to growing economies, especially when there are mutually beneficial opportunities to work together.

The Role of GDC

Gitga'at Development Corporation spearheads the Nation's economic development initiatives. It creates programs, policies, and projects to enhance the Nation's economic well-being. 

Economic development corporations, like GDC, form financial and legal partnerships that serve the interests of a community. They invest in, own, or manage smaller businesses. These corporations help bring more money into the community and improve the local and regional economy. Their main goal is to provide financial support that helps the community, and the profits they make are used for projects that benefit everyone in the community.

GDC forges strategic partnerships aligned with Gitga'at First Nation's values, culture, and governance, ensuring that development efforts respect and preserve community priorities.

Empowering Through Partnership

Collaboration is critical to GDC's success. By partnering with like-minded organizations, GDC can create a more significant impact within the Nation.

Economic development partnerships are valuable because they:

  • Pool resources and expertise

  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and learning

  • Increase access to funding/investments

  • Spread risk among partners

  • Foster stakeholder engagement

  • Promote sustainability and long-term impact

Economic development partnerships benefit the local community (and the broader area) with better infrastructure and employment opportunities and can create long-term relationships that lead to more joint projects in the future. 

Why GDC Matters

GDC is a catalyst for the Nation's growth and empowerment. By prioritizing the community's interests, GDC ensures economic progress aligns with the Gitga'at First Nation's traditional values and cultural practices.

Where to Find Updates on GDC's Work

GDC's growing portfolio of business showcases the types of projects we're involved in and the partners we choose. 

To learn more about our ongoing projects, the GDC team, and more, regularly check back on the GDC website (or our social channels). It's your go-to resource for updates on economic development initiatives, partnership opportunities, starting a GFN-owned business, and more within Gitga'at territory.

If you have any questions about the organization, please get in touch


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