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Set Your 2024 Career Goals

Looking for a job can be challenging. But there are certain things you can do to make the process go more smoothly and increase your chances of success.

One of the most important things to do at the beginning is to set clear goals. Coming up to the new year, some people may find it helpful to think of your desired outcomes as resolutions. Do you want to grow into a career with more responsibility? Change fields? Master a new skill? Come up with specific targets for yourself.

With that in mind, here are some actionable items for the coming year in terms of your job search:

Learn About the Job Location

Doing research ahead of time shows a prospective employer that you have done your homework and display an interest in the position and the company. Some people don't do this, so it's one way to get a leg up on other candidates.

Prepare a List of Three to Five Questions to Ask in an Interview

Many interviewers are impressed when a potential employee asks relevant questions. They could be about the job, company, industry, people in the company, policies, and more. Get specific with your questions; asking general questions you can get the answers to on the internet may make it appear that you haven't done enough research on the role or company.

Check the Required Education or Training

Some jobs, such as those in the trades, may require a credential such as a ticket, apprenticeship, certificate, or diploma. It pays to know this in advance, and this helps you show that you are organized and detail-oriented. Research your options to upgrade your training so you apply for a job with relevant credentials or education.

Do Practice Interviews with a Friend or Family Member

Practicing interviews is a good idea, as you'll have a better idea of what to expect during the real thing. Make sure to prepare some answers to questions the interviewer may ask. If you need help, look on the internet for common interview questions for the type of job to which you are applying.

Stay Positive and Keep Going

Looking for a job or training for a new career can be a long process, but the key is to be consistent and keep going! The more jobs you apply for, the more resumes and cover letters you send out, and the more interviews you do, the more likely you will land your desired job. The same goes for upgrading your skills; the more you learn, the more prepared you are to climb the career ladder.

Get Help Reviewing Your Resume and Cover Letter

Having another set of eyes on your resume before you send it out can provide some great insight. Someone else can give feedback about things you may not have noticed. Use Google Docs, MS Word, or another tool to check spelling and grammar and polish your documents.

Seek Support

Getting support is an excellent idea, as other people can provide encouragement, feedback, and more for your resume, cover letter, and interview practice sessions. This help could come from friends, family, or resources such as WorkBC, TriCorp, or other job preparedness programs.

Get Busy with Your Job Search!

If you polish up your resume and interviewing skills by doing some or all of the above, you increase your chances of landing a job. No matter your mood, push forward with your job search until you find the right opportunity.

Good luck accomplishing your career goals this year!


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