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TRICORP: Services for Members

As a First Nations entrepreneur or small business owner, it’s important to know about the resources available—especially ones that help with financing.


TRICORP is a lending institution owned by five First Nations that supports and provides financing for local entrepreneurs and small businesses. The lending opportunities are part of broader economic development initiatives. TRICORP’s programs also include skill building for First Nations in Northwestern British Columbia.

TRICORP has provided business loans totaling $31 million (to December 2021), contributing to prosperity and self-reliance at multiple levels, including the individual and community.

An Experienced Leadership Group

With an experienced team of First Nations administrators supporting and leading innovative initiatives, TRICORP has developed many partnerships with organizations that share the same values. The ultimate goal is to build toward self-reliance, with economic growth as the way to get there.

Current Initiatives

Here are a number of the programs currently offered by TRICORP:

  • Business development loans: Get capital to fund a business idea

  • Employment skills and training services: Gain the skills you need to find a well-paying job and build a career

  • Indigenous ACE: Access training in entrepreneurship for First Nations members who want to start a business

  • Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs: This micro-loan program benefits female First Nations entrepreneurs

  • Blade Runners: A training program for Youth 16 to 30 years old with a holistic approach that equips First Nations members with employment skills

  • Youth Employment and Skills Training: Enables youth aged 15-30 to gain work skills and experience

  • Employer Benefit Loans: funds for employees, repayable through payroll deductions

  • Pre-Employment Support Program: Additional income assistance for individuals that are 19-64 years of age and receiving on-reserve Income Assistance

TRICORP has something for pretty much any First Nations small businesses, so if you are looking for capital to fund a business or to develop your skills and experience for employment, learn more about these programs on their website:

Loan Fund For First Nations Businesses

TRICORP was established in 1990 as an Aboriginal Capital Corporation. The organization offers a loan fund designed to be self-supporting. Repayments on loan principle are put back into the fund return—enabling the amounts to be loaned out again. Any interest on all outstanding loans covers the costs of administrative services.


To learn more about TRICORP and the programs they offer for GFN members, visit their website:


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