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What You Should Know About the Gitga'at First Nation’s Economic Profile

The Gitga'at Economic Development Strategy’s purpose is to provide a roadmap for economic development in traditional Gitga'at territory. After extensive engagement with the community in 2011, we’ve determined the biggest opportunities for the Gitga'at economy.

Opportunities to Explore and Grow the Economy

With a strong vision to explore sustainable economic development opportunities, the Nation took into account traditional cultural and environmental values to guide management practices. Ultimately, the goal is to protect, manage and preserve the territory's resources to benefit all present and future members.

Investment and Partnership Opportunities

With plenty of natural resources, the Gitga'at First Nation is open to discussions relating to partnerships and investments across various industrial sectors, including the following:


With beautiful natural scenery, Gitga'at's traditional territory is well suited for tourism opportunities. In particular, the Great Bear Rainforest is one of the most unique and picturesque places in BC, if not the world, and this natural wonder has raised the area's profile internationally.

Eco-tourists seek authentic cultural experiences, which members can offer alongside excursions such as Spirit Bear tours, whale watching tours, and other nature viewing tours. Opportunities exist to expand existing partnerships and businesses and create new enterprises within the tourism sector.

Watchmen Program

The Gitga'at Watchmen Program provides marine monitoring and emergency response services within the Nation's territory. This group serves to provide fast action in the event of a catastrophe. The Watchmen program enables the Nation to help protect the resources in its territory, ensuring Gitga'at First Nation can manage them sustainably—this extends to opportunities for economic development.


With international demand for shellfish such as scallops growing quickly, GFN has an opportunity to supply markets in local, regional, national, and international areas. Any initiatives in this area must be pursued in accordance with a combination of traditional and scientific management practices to ensure the safety of the Nation's waters.

Hydroelectric Power

With the Gabion River Hydroelectric Project well underway, Gitga'at First Nation is quickly building expertise in this sector. There may be business opportunities to deliver this clean energy expertise elsewhere, helping other Nations obtain sustainable power while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

These are just a few examples of opportunities the Gitga'at First Nation is poised to pursue.

Get in Touch to Partner with the Gitga’at First Nation

Organizations interested in discussing a potential partnership, joint venture and investment opportunities are welcome to contact the Gitga'at Development Corporation today.

Visit Our Partners page to learn how we work with businesses and groups to determine if your proposal would make you a good partner for the Gitga’at First Nation.


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